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The most common purpose for CNDA usage is to store imaging data. The list of imaging types which CNDA supports is continually expanding. Currently CNDA supports several modalities, including MRI, CT, and PET.

How you store imaging data in CNDA depends on your project. An ongoing project is likely to be uploading data one session at a time, as they are completed. An archived project is more likely to want to upload a complete dataset all at once. CNDA has different upload methods for each purpose.

How to use upload methods in CNDA

Upload a Spreadsheet to the CNDA
Upload using the Compressed Uploader in CNDA 1.6
Upload using the XNAT UploadAssistant tool
Uploading Data via DICOM Browser

For Advanced Users:

A note on the Prearchive

Depending on your project's setup, your uploaded data may be stored in a "pre-archive" space. This is the equivalent of a lobby to the XNAT archive, where incoming data can be checked out before being admitted into the archive. Check with your project administrator for your project's settings if you have questions.

Project Configuration: Archive Settings

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