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Editing a Session requires use of the CNDA Modify Session form.
To access the Modify Session form:
Open session, Click Edit in the Actions box


To edit Project, Subject, or Session Label:
Click the pencil and paper icon next to the desired field

Based on selection, one of the following dialog boxes will appear
sessionEdit03.jpg sessionEdit04.jpg sessionEdit05.jpg
Use the selection box to select something already in the CNDA

For subject, use Create Subject to make a new subject
For label, simply type in the new label

For project modification
NOTE: user must have Owner access to the current project and Member access to the project to be moved to
Click Modify
Alert box will appear
For project you may see one or both of these
sessionEdit06.jpg sessionEdit07.jpg ||

For subject you will see

For Label
When complete, you will be returned to the Modify Session form DO NOT hit submit
Click on the Back button at the bottom of the form

Removing Scans:
Click the scissors icon to the left of the scan to be removed

Click Delete in the Dialog box that appears
Click Submit

To edit other fields:
Fields, such as Date, Visit ID, and others
Click inside text box and type in changes
Click drop-down box and select fro the list
Click Submit when editing complete