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CNDA provides a service which delivers de-identified clinical imaging to a project. A PI or study coordinator will typically approach us saying they were told we could download images from the PACS for them.
If the the study IRB has not previously requested a data pull, IRB documentation must be provided, and we must get approval for the pull from BJC. Please follow the steps below to request the data pull.

1. Send the CNDA help desk IRB information from the study.
The CNDA help desk needs a copy of the IRB detail and approval memo before data can be pulled.

To download a pdf file of the IRB detail:
    1. Go to
    2. Click on the project.
    3. Click on the "Project Details" tab.
    4. Click on the "View a printer friendly version of the project details" link.
    5. Hit key command to print (Ctrl+P, etc).
    6. Choose Nitro, Adobe or any .other PDF-creator software.
    7. Save the file with the IRB # as the file name.

To obtain the most recent approval-memo.rtf file:
    1. In, click on the Approval tab.
    2. Click on the most recent approval-memo.rtf.
    3. Save the file with IRB # as the file name.

Once you have saved the IRB detail and approval memo files you can email them to the CNDA help desk at After the CNDA help desk receives this information they will invite you to upload your data to a private folder in the BOX.

2. Uploading your data

To submit your data to the CNDA help desk you will need to fill out this template:

In this template you will fill out the following information:
  1. Query type – What type of format the session information is in (see Table A below for examples)
  2. CNDA Project ID – the CNDA project the uploaded information will be stored in
  3. CNDA Subject Label – the CNDA subject to be used for the session being uploaded
  4. CNDA Session Label – the CNDA session label to be used for the session being uploaded
  5. Pacs Query Information – the session to be uploaded (see Table A below for examples)

Query TypeColumn A
Pacs Query Information formatColumn E
accession number>Example: 34982111
accession number/patient id>Example: 34982111/1203947
patient last name/patient first name/study date (yyyymmdd)/DOB (yyyymmdd)/modality (MR, PT, CT, US, CR, etc)>Example: Doe/Jane/20110304/19800102/MR
Once you have filled out this template with your data you will need to upload your file to a private folder in BOX.

ONLY submit the data request via uploading it to BOX. PLEASE DO NOT email it to the CNDA help desk due to HIPAA restrictions.

To upload your data into your folder in BOX follow these steps:
    1. Go to: and login with your WUSTL key.
    2. Click on the folder that pertains to the project you are sending data.
    3. Once in that folder, on the right hand side below the green bar at the top of the page, click on the "Upload" button.
    4. Select "Files. It will then open up an explorer screen to navigate to your file.
    5. Navigate to your file. Select it and click "Open".
    6. Send an email to CNDA Help Desk letting them know that you have uploaded your data. They will then perform the upload and let you know when it has been completed.
NOTE: Data pulls are processed in the evening at 7pm CST.You may not see your data in CNDA the same day it is uploaded depending on the number of current requests.Requests are processed first come first serve.