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To perform a quick search

Go to the CNDA main home page
Click on one of the tabs
  • Projects
  • Subjects
  • MR
  • PET
  • CT
Enter search criteria
Click Submit



To search by Subject ID
  1. Click on the Subjects tab
  2. Enter a full or partial ID in the Subject ID box
  3. Enter other data as needed -- such as
    • Gender
    • Hand
    • YOB (year of birth)
    • SES (session)
  4. Select a specific project in the Project box, or leave untouched to search all projects accessible for user
  5. Click Submit

Manipulate Search Results

Search results will be displayed as in sample below
Within the search results, data can be manipulated using the Options drop-down list at the right

Options include

  • Saving the results to a spreadsheet, click Spreadsheet
  • Emailing the results, click Email
  • Saving the search, click Save Search
  • Adding columns to be displayed, click Add Columns

In addition, the columns can be sorted, filtered, edited and hidden
This is done by clicking on the column header and selecting the desired action



To sort by date
  • If Date is not listed, go to Add Columns and select it from list
  • Click on Date and select Sort Down to display the newest data at the top
    (any fields without dates will display first)


Sort by session
  • Click on the Label column header
  • Select Sort up for Alphabetical order, Sort Down for the reverse