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The CNDA is updating to the newest version of XNAT, which will be referred to as version 1.6.

There are some very useful new features, such as Automatic Session merging, Auto Logout warnings, More transparent project level anonymization, and Viewing DICOM headers in the Prearchive and Archive.

In addition, there are some changes to the look and feel of the site, such as a new color scheme and logo.

Below are links to Wiki pages addressing CNDA 1.6.

Some Basics
Signing In
Auto Logout Feature

Getting Access to a Project
Giving Access to a Project

Quick Search
Advanced Search

Creating New Data WhiteSpaceCNDA1_6.jpg
New Project
New Experiment

Project Settings
Managing a Project
Updating Prearchive Settings

Adding Custom Variables
Scan Type Cleanup
How the CNDA Does It
How the CNDA Merges Sessions
How the CNDA Anonymizes Sessions

Uploading Sessions
Using the Uploader Applet
Using Other Upload Methods
Uploading a Spreadsheet

Manipulating Sessions
Archiving a Session
Changing a Session Label
Using the Prearchive

Sharing a Session with another Project
Sharing a Subject with another Project

DICOM Headers
Viewing DICOM Headers


Archiving a Session in the Prearchive

Deleting a Session
Download Multiple Sessions

Renaming a Session
Uploader Applet
Upload Using Compressed Uploader

Viewing Images
Run a Pipeline

Advanced Search Feature