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NOTE: Must have owner access to the project

Open the project, click on the Manage tab. Then click the heading needed.

Don’t forget to click Save after any changes are made.

Project Manage.jpg

Define Prearchive Settings

There are three options for archiving your uploaded image data. Choose only one.
  1. Store in project prearchive (option 1 in image)
  2. Archive automatically (option 2 in image)
    • Does not overwrite any files
    • If the session label already exists, the image data will be sent to prearchive
  3. Archive automatically -- overwrite (option 3 in image)
    • DOES overwrite existing files in your archive
    • If the session label already exists, the previous image data will be erased and new data stored

NOTE: With all options above, any image data that doesn't match a pre-existing project will go into an Unassigned project

Anonymization Script

The script for anonymizing sessions as they are uploaded to the project will be stored in the large text box.
Use of the script can be enabled or disabled by clicking on the appropriate action.


Notifications should be initially setup for the project by the CNDA helpdesk. Once that has been done, this area can be used to modify the email addresses for users. Users listed here will receive email notices any time a new scan is archived in the project.


To Make Changes to the Project Details


Open project. From the Details tab, click on the Edit Details button
Fields in Step 1 are used to edit the ID, Description, keywords, and so forth on a project.

Alias is used to create shorthand ways of referring to the project. These can be used when scanning a subject.

To add more than one PI, click on More Investigators. If the PI isn’t listed, click on Create Investigator.
Project Accessibility can be specified in Step2.

  • Private: Only you and study members will be able to access study data.
  • Protected: All users will be able to see your study title and description, but only collaborators you approve will be able to analyze (view) and download data. This option makes it simple for users to request access to your project.
  • Public: All users will be able to access study data for analysis and download.

For more information on modifying the project, see Adding New Project page