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Anytime a pipeline is run, the resulting report will be displayed on the project which owns the session. This applies even if it is run from a project it is shared into.
If run from a shared location, the report will also display in that project.

The CNDA is not setup to hide the results of a pipeline, although the user might not be able to view the results if run from a project they don't have permissions to.

NOTE: running a pipeline doesn't affect the session's data. It only creates a report.

So what can I do?
If a pipeline needs to be run from a shared location and should only be available there, the best method is as follows:
  • Download the session
  • Relabel the session in DICOM browser
  • Upload the relabeled session into the project
  • Run the pipeline on the relabeled session

Alternately, checking with the owner of the original project might be helpful. The owner might not mind having access to the report.

In either case, contact the CNDA Helpdesk if you have questions or concerns about this procedure.