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Every subject in the CNDA belongs to one Primary Project
  • These subjects can then be shared to as many additional projects as needed
  • Subjects can be shared without sharing their sessions

To share a subject

  • Go to the subject's details page
  • Click on the Projects tab

  • In the Share into drop down list, select the new project to share with
  • Click Share
  • Verify that everything is correct in the Sharing Manager window
    • Any or all sessions can be unchecked to avoid sharing them
  • Click Share to commit the share

Sharing Manager.jpg

To view a list of a subject's shares

  • Go to the subject details page
  • Click the Projects tab


The share table will display the projects the subject is shared into as well as the subject's label within that project.

To remove sharing

  • From the subject details page, go to the Projects tab
  • In the share table, click the X in the unshare column to remove the share to the project in that row.