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Search results (and other data tables) will be displayed as in sample below.

Within the search results, data can be manipulated using the Options drop-down list at the right.
Options include

  • Saving the results to a spreadsheet, click Spreadsheet
  • Emailing the results, click Email
  • Saving the search within the CNDA, click Save as New Search
  • Edit columns to be displayed, click Edit Columns

In addition, the columns can be sorted, filtered, edited and hidden.
This is done by clicking on the column header and selecting the desired action.


To sort by date
  • On a project page, go to the Subjects tab
  • Click Options, Edit Columns and select Inserted from list and add to Current Fields column, click Submit
  • Table now displays the added column
  • Click on Inserted column and select Sort Down to display the newest data at the top

Filter by MR count greater than 2
  • On a project page, go to the Subjects tab
  • Click on the MR Sessions column header and select Filter
  • Results Filter window displays
  • Under Subject MR Sessions click Select
  • Click > symbol
  • A new textbox appears to the right. Type 2 in that box
  • Click Submit
  • Table will now only display subjects with 2 or more MR sessions