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Instructions for creating a brand new project in the CNDA.


If your study meets any of these criteria
  • Multi-site study
  • Any ongoing study acquiring data outside WU/BJC
  • Study requiring customized data type, pipeline, or report development
  • Studies wishing to share blinded data with outside investigators
  • Studies requiring protocol validation
  • Studies wishing CNDA to provide customized user training

Fill out the CNDA Boarding form and submit to the CNDA Helpdesk.

If your study does not meet any of the above conditions, you are free to create your own project in the CNDA (with a valid CNDA Account).

Click the New menu, select Project

New Project form displays

Enter pertinent information, click Submit

Important Points to remember:

  • Running Title is what will be used to locate the project within the CNDA.
  • It can be confusing for users if the Title and Running Title are very different.
  • The Alias fields are used for alternate ways to indicate this project.
    • Alternate spellings and options that include spaces instead of underscores and vice versa are helpful additions to the Alias field. It ensures that even if the name is input a bit different from the Running Title, the scans will still be assigned to the correct project.
    • See Adding an Alias for further details
  • Project Accessibility determines who can view the project.
    • Public: all users can view data and download it.
    • Private: only users with specific access to the project can view and download it.
    • Protected: all users can see the project Title and Description. Only users with specific access to the project will be able to access data and download it.
      • Selecting Protected on a project makes it easy for a user to request access from project Owners. See box below: