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NOTE: Requires Owner access

Open project. From the Details tab, click on Manage Custom Variables.


Click in the Add Variables To selection box to select the type to add the variable set to.


A list opens with options to add to a variable set by clicking Edit or create an entirely new one by selecting Add a Custom Variable Set. Either will open a form for adding new variables. Fill in desired information and click Save.


Click Done when finished.

Example: Adding a Custom Variable Set for Subjects

Select Subject in the Add Variable To box.

Click Add a Custom Variable Set above the Done button.


Custom Variable Set form displays. Fill in Name and Description, begin adding data fields. Click Add Variable to display more fields.

Click Save when complete, then click Done.

Open a Subject Details page in the project


A table for the new variable set is available. To add data for that set, click Edit in the Actions box.

A table at the bottom is now available to allow entering information for the set.


Fill out form, then click Submit.