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Download each session's files
  • If the files were downloaded as .zip files, extract them
Open the DICOM browser
  • DICOM browser can be downloaded here
Open both sessions

In the second session, select the first duplicate series number, and change it to a unique number
  • series number is Tag (0020,0011)
  • Select by double clicking on Value field
  • Continue for all remaining series with numbers the same as the first session

Select both sessions in the browser
  • check (0008,1030) for correct project name
  • check (0010,0010) for correct subject name
  • check (0010,0020) to input the merged subject label to be used
  • check (0020,000D) which is the Study Instance UID, set both sessions to the first session's UID

Send the files by selecting File, Send
Fill in the following information in the fields if not already filled in
  • Remote Host:
  • Port: 8104
  • AE title: CNDA
  • Select Send all files
Make sure Use secure connection is unchecked, hit Send