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The CNDA has been updated to the latest XNAT release: 1.6.2! You will notice the updated look and feel right away, but there are some very useful new features, such as automatic session merging, auto-logout warnings, more transparent project-level anonymization, and viewing DICOM headers in the Prearchive and Archive.

This wiki has been updated to answer the most common questions that users of the CNDA will have. You will also find materials here that underscore what you can learn in CNDA training sessions.

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CNDA General Topics

Getting Started
Register for a CNDA User ID
Log in to the CNDA
Requesting access to a project
New:Auto Logout Feature

Project Access
Requesting access to a project
Add Users to a Project (for Project Owners)

CNDA Basics

Guide for New Studies in the CNDA

Advanced Topics

Imaging Center User Guides
CCIR User Guide
Getting Started in CNDA
At the Scanner
CCIR Website
CCIR Forms

Bay 3 User Guide
Uploading Sessions from Bay 3

CNDA Help Videos

Featured Video:

Using the Uploader Applet CNDA 1.6 from NRG on Vimeo.

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