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  1. Navigate to the session page
  2. In the Actions box at the top right, click on Download
  3. Make a selection to download organized in directories, or as one large zip file.
    * Select Download Images (dir)
    * Select Download Images (zip)

Instructions for Download Images (dir) Option

  1. Download One Image.jpg
  2. Verify the scan types to be downloaded
    • Uncheck any unwanted types
    • Uncheck any unwanted Formats (usually Snapshots isn't needed) Assessments, Additional Resources, and Misc Files
      NOTE: unchecking these will speed up download time and reduce file size
  3. Click Submit
  4. Select local folder by clicking Browse
  5. Click Start
  6. Confirmation message will display when complete

    Download Image Complete.jpg

Video Guide

CNDA Help: Download an Image from NRG on Vimeo.