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A new project can be created in the CNDA by users with the proper privileges. The steps to create a new project are as follows.
  1. Click the New menu at the top of the screen
  2. Select Project
  3. In the New Project form, enter project data

    • new_project_screen.jpg
    • Title: Enter the full title of your project. This will appear in the list of projects on the home page.
    • Running Title: A brief description of your project that will appear in search results and data lists.
    • Project Abbreviation: One word or acronym that will be used to name files on the file system. This setting cannot be changed.
    • Description: A detailed description of your project.
    • Keywords (optional): A few keywords which describe your project. Keywords are searchable.
    • Alias (optional): If your project is known by other names or IDs, particularly for accounting purposes, you can enter them here. Alias entries are searchable.
    • Investigators (optional): The people who will be investigators for the project. They do not need to be XNAT users and can be added dynamically.

  4. Click the Submit button