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The CTP Client is a secure interface for anonymizing and uploading files to an existing CNDA project.
Files must be in DICOM format and can only be uploaded one subject at a time.


Use the CTP Client link below, modifying to enter the number of the port (Contact CNDA Helpdesk to obtain) in place of the characters ####.

Click Run on the window that pops up --

User Interface window opens --

NOTE: The Instructions window can be closed when not needed and re-opened by clicking the Instructions button at the bottom right.

Click CNDA Upload Form button.
CNDA Upload Form window displays --
Fill in all three text boxes, click OK

Click Open Local Folder
File Selection window displays --
Select the location of the files to upload, click Open.

List of DICOM files to upload displays with check-marks to the left of each.
Uncheck any files that should not be uploaded.


Click the Start Button at the bottom center to begin sending files.

As files are processed, [OK] appears next to each one as they process successfully, they also get unchecked.
Results are also displayed in Status bar at the bottom left.
When complete, Status bar should indicate the same number of files processed and successfully exported.
Also, Processing Complete window displays.
To close the CTP Client click No, otherwise click Yes.

After clicking No a file selection window displays.


Select a location to save a log file of subjects and sessions uploaded, or click Cancel if saving the file is not needed.