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Standard Services

Services included with storage of your ongoing project's imaging sessions
  • Self-storage or CCIR/Bay3 direct send of imaging sessions and associated data
  • Use of the CNDA website and REST programmatic interface
  • Use of CNDA processing pipelines via website GUI
  • Basic help desk for questions and troubleshooting via phone or email, during business hours, Monday through Friday
  • New user training on the second Tuesday of every month
  • CNDA wiki help pages and videos

Additional Services

Fee-based services available from the CNDA
  • Bulk data services, includes Customized scripting or development
    • PACS to CNDA transfer
    • CNDA to external XNAT transfer
    • CNDA project to project copies
  • Specialized data management services
  • Multi-site projects
  • IT file system and processing node service package, includes:
    • virtual machines
    • file system space
    • direct file system access to CNDA projects

For more information on rates, please check our CNDA Rates page.