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The rates posted below will apply to all CNDA products and services beginning July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018. In the case of sessions acquired at the CCIR or the East Building's Bay 3 MR Facility, scans are automatically imported to the CNDA at no direct cost to investigators. The posted rates apply to studies led by and invoiced directly to Washington University investigators. Rates for external institutions are available upon request. For questions about CNDA rates, please contact the CNDA help desk (

Service or Product
DICOM or ECAT storage
$5 per session for sessions acquired at BJC/WU (except for CCIR and Bay 3
-- see above) or pulled from the BJC PACS
$10 per session for all sessions acquired at outside institutions
Bulk data transfer services
$200 per set-up of new source or destination
Outgoing data (going from CNDA to another institution): $5 per session
Incoming data (coming from PACS or other institution): see DICOM or ECAT storage rates above
Customized scripting or development
$75 per hour
Specialized data management services
$75 per hour
Data transfer hardware
market cost of device (approximately $600 as of Jan. 2016)
$75/hour set up (usually between 5-15 hours)
Multi-site projects*
$10,000 per multi-site study
$1,000 per site (configuration and training)
Plus all charges listed above for services and products.

*Pilot studies
  • Multi-site fees are waived if the following conditions are met:Per session and hourly fees will still apply
    • Investigator confirms this study is a pilot to attain additional grant funds
    • There are no more than 4 sites
    • No more than 100 imaging sessions are acquired
    • Study data collection must last no more than 2 years

A more complete description of CNDA services is available here.