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This update went into effect 4/9/2014. Sessions uploaded before that date will have reconstructions files copied into resources sometime in the near future. The reconstructions will remain in place for now.

Previously, when a BOLD pipeline was run on a session, the files the pipeline generated would display on the Session's details page, under the heading Reconstructions, as in screenshot below.

BOLD - oldway.jpg

After the update, files will no longer be accessible from that page.

The new method for viewing BOLD files is as follows:

  1. Click on Manage Files in the Actions box.
    • Pop-up box may display message loading file summaries.
  2. File manager window displays.
  3. Bold information is found as a sub-folder of Resources.
  4. Clicking the + to the left of the BOLD folder displays available files.

Screenshot of step 2:

Screenshot of step 4:

Options for working with the files:
  • To view the file, simply click on the filename.
  • To download one or more files, click on the checkbox to the right of the +.
    Some files can only be downloaded by selecting the entire BOLD process.
  • To delete a file, click the scissors icon to the right of the filename and click Yes to confirm file removal.

NOTE: BOLD files can also be downloaded via any of the traditional methods: Download (dir), Download (zip) or the REST interface.