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Video Walkthrough

Archiving a Session in the Prearchive from NRG on Vimeo.

Written Walkthrough

Open the projectviewPrearc.jpg

  • Click on View Prearchive In Actions box near the top right of the screen
  • Prearchive screen displays
  • Click the checkbox to the left of one or more sessions to be archived


  • Click Review and Archive button
    • Or click the Archive button to proceed without viewing the form
  • An Image Session Creation Form displays


Changes can be made to many fields here, such as Session label, Date, Notes

  • In the Subject field, a pre-existing subject can be selected from the drop down. If a subject is listed that did not previously exist it can be automatically created or a new one can be made
  • Fields with a red check next to them must be modified before submitting
  • Review data within the form for accuracy
  • When complete, click Submit to move the session to the project archive

Submitting Session message will display

Session Details page will display when archiving complete