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Video Guide:

CNDA Help - Archive a Session from the Prearchive from NRG on Vimeo.

Standard Guide:

Open the project
  1. Click on View PrearchiveViewPrearchive.jpg
    In Actions box near the top right of the screen
  2. Prearchive screen displays
  3. Click the checkbox to the left of the session to be archived
    Prearchive Screen
  4. Click the Archive button
  5. An Image Session Creation Form displays
    • Review data within the form for accuracy
    • Changes can be made to many fields here, such as Session label, Date, Notes
  6. Click Submit at bottom of form when complete
  7. Submitting Session message will display
  8. Session will display when archiving complete

Advanced Users: Full Prearchive Guide

A full tutorial on the Prearchive is available in the XNAT Documentation: